Longford 855 Batch Feeder with Collating Conveyor Flexo Accessories

Longford 855 Batch Feeders with Collating Conveyor -

6 Longford 855 Batch Counters Integrated into Collating Conveyor.

1 C700 Batch Feeder,

1 Custom Longford Collating Conveyor to Handle Up to 7 Feeders,

High Speed Counters Friction Feeders for Wide Variety of Products(900 Pieces Per Minute)

Min. Product Size 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" 

Max. Product Size 8 1/2" x 11 3/4",

Min. Product Thickness .0032" (161b bond paper),

Max. Product Thickness 1/4".

The B855 Batch Counter Features Self-Timing and On-Demand Operation and Can Run at Speeds in Excess of 50,000 Pieces Per Hour (depending on product size), Right Angles to a Flighted In-Feed Conveyor, the table Retracts, Dropping the Set of Products Onto Catch Trays (cards, sheet paper,envelopes, CD's, etc.)

Equipment Details
Metered Hours 123
Model Year
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator No
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals No
Can be seen in operation No

Longford 855 Batch Feeder with Collating Conveyor

  • Manufacturer: Longford
  • Listing#: 11886
  • Model: B855WA4,RT-9
  • Availability: Immediate

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