NEW Strobe Light Flexo Accessories

PC Industries, NEW, Heavy Duty Strobe Light.  It has the ability to synchronize flash rate, it has bright and consistent illumination, manufactured using industrialized components,  up to 2,000 flashes per minute, internal trigger - continuously adjustable by operator, 1/4" - 20 mounting plate, rugged external aluminum housing.  The plug-in strobe lamp is easily replaced.  The strobe arm is included.

Equipment Details
Metered Hours
Model Year NEW
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator No
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals No
Can be seen in operation No

NEW Strobe Light

  • Manufacturer: PC Industries
  • Listing#: 11858
  • Availability: Immediate

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