Aquaflex DBX-10" Flexo Presses

Aquaflex DBX-10" 7 colors, 10", Gearing 1/8th, 2 die stations, 42" max unwind diameter, 30" rewind max diameter, 2 product rewinds, 2 waste rewinds, 1 Phidastien International UV located on 7th print station,RD Scorer & Crush Knife slitting, Laminating tower, Edge guide, Constant turn anilox, Can be seen in operation, In Excellent mechanical condition.

Press in excellent working condition. Paid $100,000 for complete rebuild in 2007, new serial number plate from Gonderflex remanufacturer. Low mileage since rebuild, Rebuild included: fullReplacement of entire Main Drive shaft including all components (gears, key ways, air kickoff valves, registration motors, bearings), all new impression anvils, verification replacement and alignment of all Print station components, New movable anvils in Die Station, replaced drive belt, and product rewind belts. Added features as part of the rebuild in 2007; Digitrac Tension control system, 1 UV dryer system (located on 7th print station), Tectronic Inspection Camera, Rotometrics RD Scorer, Rotometrics Die Pressure gauges, 2 waste rewinds, and laminator. Other inclusions: 1 Product Unwind with roll lift - Max 42", 2 Product Rewinds- Max 30", additional movable laminator, crush knife system, updated closed chambered doctor blades, sheeting conveyor, print and die stations all with motorized registration control.

Equipment Details
Colors 7
Width 10"
Gearing 1/8
Die Stations 2
Product Rewinds 2
Waste Rewinds 2
Metered Hours 17430
Model Year 1993 / Rebuilt in June
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting Yes
Stacker No
Laminator Yes
Edge Guide Yes
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox Yes
Manuals Yes
Can be seen in operation Yes

Aquaflex DBX-10"

  • Manufacturer: Aquaflex
  • Listing#: 12267
  • Model: DBX
  • Availability: Immediate

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