Aquaflex LX1850 Flexo Presses

Aquaflex LX 1850, 4 Colors, 18.5" Wide, 2009 Rebuild,  8"-24" Printing Repeats, 40" Unwind Diameter with 3" Core Shaft, 30" Rewind Diameter, 1/8" Circular Pitch Gearing, 100 PSI Air Pressure, Electronic Sensing Web Guide, Splicing Table, and Automatic Magpower Close Loop Tension Control System with Electromagnetic Brake, 1 Mechanical Variable In-Feed Air Nip Roll Station, 4 Flexo Printing Stations, 4 Reverse Angle Doctor Blade Inking Systems, 4 Chrome-Plated Impression Rolls, 4 Total Anilox Rollers Including Gears and Bearings, 1 Drying System for Water-Based Inks Including 4 Drying Cabinets with Infrared Lamps & Hot Air Nozzles, 1 High Capacity Hot Air Supply Blower System with Electrical Heater, 1 High Capacity Exhaust Air Blower, 3 Individual Rotary Die-Cutting Stations for Top or Bottom Cutting with Fully Hardened Anvil Rollers and Base Rollers, Out Feed Air Nip Roll Station, Slitting Station with 3 Air Crush Knives, Rotary Sheeting and Final Cutting Station for Top Cutting Only, Motorized Single Product Rewind Unit 30" Including 3" Core Shaft, 1 Waste Rewind Unit 24" Capacity Including 3" Core Shaft, Manual Tension Control with Air Clutch, 1 Predetermined Electronic Meter Counter, 8- 360 Register Direct Drive System for All Print Stations, 8 Motorized Register Control for All Print Stations, Turn Bar, 1 Shingling Conveyor with Cart and Counter (8 Foot), Walk-Way Included with Press.

Equipment Details
Colors 4
Width 18.5"
Gearing 1/8
Die Stations 3
Product Rewinds 1
Waste Rewinds 1
Metered Hours 4,160
Model Year 2009
Condition Good
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator Yes
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration Yes
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals Yes
Can be seen in operation Yes

Aquaflex LX1850

  • Manufacturer: Aquaflex
  • Listing#: 11775
  • Model: LX1850
  • Availability: Sale Pending

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