Comco Proglide Flexo Presses

Comco Proglide, 8 Colors, 18", Standard 40" Unwind with 3" Core+w/ Dover Tension Unwind, 6" Core Adaptor, 1 Fife Electronic Edge Guide, In-feed Tension Control, 8 Raised Chill ProGlide Print Units with Auto Throw Off, Constant Turn Anilox and Auto Register Control Units.  1 Reversing Print Unit, includes Travel Rack, Ink Pump, & Oil Cooler.  8 Plate Roll Pin Assemblies, 8 Anilox Rolls (one in each print unit), 16 Auto Register Sensors (2 per unit), 8 Nip Rolls for Impression Rolls, 8 H&B Chambered Doctor Blades, 8 Ink Pumps for the Chambers, 1 In-feed System, 1 Promark Handy Scan Unit, 1 Sheeter w/Step Up Drive with Out-Feed and Motor Base Assembly, 1 Graham Drive Assembly, 1 Duplex Rewind Module, 1 Chiller Unit 10 Ton, 1 Main Electric Cabinet Assembly, 1 Auto Register Central Control Unit.

Equipment Details
Colors 8
Width 18"
Product Rewinds 1
Metered Hours
Model Year 2000
Condition Good
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator No
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals No
Can be seen in operation Yes

Comco Proglide

  • Manufacturer: Comco
  • Listing#: 11958
  • Model: Proglide
  • Availability: Immediate

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