Ekofa JH1300 Flexo Presses

Ekofa JH1300, 13in, 8 Colors, 1/8 Gearing,1 Unwind Unit 40 in, w 3in Dia Shaft, Web Guide, Roll Lift, Including Parameter Set Up Control, Programmable Tension Control Syst, 1 Infeed Unit, 1 Delam-Relam, 1 Turn Bar, 8 Print Stations w Self-Cleaning Plates, Fast Set-Up for Anilox Cylinder Replacement, Auto Throw-Off, Quick Removal Plate Cylinder, Running Lateral Adj., Plate Roll Position Can Be Changed in Gear Without Removing the Parts, 8 Dr Blades, 8 Ink Pans, 8 Drying Units Including Infra-Red Lamps, Cold Lamination Unit, Extra Web Guide Before Die Station, Video Web Inspt. Syst, Manual Transverse Movement, Dual Rewiind Unit 30in, 2 Die Cut Stations, Sheeting Unit, Underscore Unit w 3 Knives, 2 Waste Rewinds, Conveyor, Set of Consumable Parts, 1 Year Warranty. Substrate Films and Self-Adhesive Labels.

Equipment Details
Colors 8
Width 13"
Gearing 1/8
Die Stations 2
Product Rewinds 1
Waste Rewinds 2
Metered Hours
Model Year 2011
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator No
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals No
Can be seen in operation No

Ekofa JH1300

  • Manufacturer: Ekofa
  • Listing#: 11358
  • Model: JH 1300
  • Availability: Immediate

Tags: Ekofa, JH 1300, 13", 8 Colors