Mark Andy 2200 Flexo Presses

Mark Andy 2200 8 colors, Unwind with Web guide and roll lift, 8 ea. print stations with ceramic anilox and doctor blades hot air drying, 2 ea. Dryer packages, 1ea. UVT UV system at final print, Turn bar, Triple die station 3 slot with removable base rolls, 1ea laminator die station, 2 ea waste take up's one in die station and one in sheeting, 1 ea Master and sheeting station, 2 ea. Product rewinds, 1 ea die hoist, video inspection system, Does come with plate rolls will supply list when available, Does have manuals

Equipment Details
Colors 8
Width 10"
Die Stations 3
Product Rewinds 2
Waste Rewinds 2
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator Yes
Edge Guide No
Turnbar Yes
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox Yes
Manuals Yes
Can be seen in operation Yes

Mark Andy 2200

  • Manufacturer: Mark Andy
  • Listing#: 12291
  • Model: 2200
  • Availability: Immediate

Tags: Mark Andy, 2200, 10", 8 colors