Mark Andy  LP3000 Flexo Presses

Mark Andy LP3000- 13", 8 Color, 2006, 7 UV Units (5 GEW & 2 UVT -Original), 40" Cantilevered Unwind, Roll-Lift w/ Web Guide w/ 2 Sensors, 12 Harper Ceramic Anilox, 12 Meter Roll, Impression Roll- Helical Primary and Spur Secondary Gear, Hot Air Drying Unit, 2+1 Die Cutting Module includes Lateral Web Shifter, 4" Die Cutting Base Rolls, 32" Waste Rewinds, Pacing, Sheeting and Master Control Module, 4" Sheeting Base Roll, 15HP Drive Unit, 40" 2HP Dual Rewinds, BST/Teknek Double-Sided Web Cleaner, (1) 2ft Extension, (1) 1ft Extension, Dryer Plenum Extension for 1ft Extension, Laminator w/ 32" Capacity, 3 Die Conversion Kit, 2 Die Hoist, RD Scorer, Promark PowerScope, Die Hydra-Jacks, Bach Air Circular Knife Slitter w/ 3 Blades, 4 Additional Ink Pans, Servo Motor Pacing Unit, 4 Special Plate Roll Adapters w. 5/8" Dia., 4 qty 10" Plate Roll, 3 Special Die Adapter Kit for Comco Captain Dies Running from the Front Gear of the Base-roll, Turnbar, 1 Side Adjust Bearing Block, 4 Extra Pan Fountain Rollers, 4 Dip Tray Pans. Excellent Condition.

Equipment Details
Colors 8
Width 13"
Gearing 1/8cp 20
Die Stations 2+1
Product Rewinds 2
Waste Rewinds 2
Metered Hours
Model Year 2006
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting Yes
Stacker Yes
Laminator Yes
Edge Guide Yes
Turnbar Yes
Auto Registration Yes
Constant Turn Anilox Yes
Manuals Yes
Can be seen in operation Yes

Mark Andy LP3000

  • Manufacturer: Mark Andy
  • Listing#: 12106
  • Model: LP3000
  • Availability: Immediate

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