Webtron 750 12268

Webtron 750, 6 colors on 7 color frame, 1/8th gear, Metered hrs. 10217, 2 die stations, 30" unwind diameter, 30" rewind diameter, 2 product rewinds, 1 waste rewinds, 1 Brewer UV System, 5 quick change, Slitting type Crush knife and rotary cutting blades, sheeter, turn bar, lam tower, 4 way heads, edge guide, constant turn anilox, can be seen in operation,manuals included in excellent working condition. properly maintained over the years, low meter hours, Updated New Side Frames for easier removal of ink pans, Updated all Print Stations with adjustable Doctor blades, 6 Hot Air dryers, Full Series of Print Cylinders from 40T up to 94T, a minimum 10 anilox's (mix of sizes 360's, 400's, 600's and 800's). Immediate availability.


Equipment Details
Colors 6
Width 7.5"
Gearing 1/8
Die Stations 2
Product Rewinds 2
Waste Rewinds 1
Metered Hours 10217
Model Year
Condition Excellent
Additional Information
UV Yes
Slitting Yes
Stacker No
Laminator Yes
Edge Guide Yes
Turnbar Yes
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox Yes
Manuals Yes
Can be seen in operation Yes

Webtron 750

  • Manufacturer: Webtron
  • Listing#: 12268
  • Model: 750
  • Availability: Immediate

Tags: Webtron, 750, 7.5", 6 Colors