KO TAI Machine Automatic UV Roller Coater Miscellaneous

KO Tai Machines Automatic UV Roller Coater with PLC Controlling System, Including Feeder, Power Cleaner, UV Application Unit, UV Dryer, Conveyor, Fan Cooling Unit & Delivery Unit.

Equipment Details
Colors 1
Metered Hours
Condition Good
Additional Information
Slitting No
Stacker No
Laminator No
Edge Guide No
Turnbar No
Auto Registration No
Constant Turn Anilox No
Manuals No
Can be seen in operation No

KO TAI Machine Automatic UV Roller Coater

  • Manufacturer: KO TAI Machines
  • Listing#: 11930
  • Model: SGZB1040A
  • Availability: Immediate

Tags: KO Tai Machines, SGZB1040A, 1 colors