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20" Rotoflex VLI 500

20" Rotoflex VLI500, available immediatly, 20" shear slitting, slitter rewinder, unwind with roll li..

Rotoflex 1300

Rotoflex Model 1300 with shear slitting, splicing table, Fully functional die cutting station, 2 pro..

Rotoflex Racer

Rotoflex Racer 1000, 10" Web Width, 1984 Model Year, Upgraded 40" Unwind, Label and Length Count. Ne..

Rotoflex VLI 330

Rotoflex VLI330, 13" wide, 2 splice tables, Mag Power systems on both Rewind and Unwi..

Rotoflex VLI 400

Rotoflex VLI400 It's a 16" booklet capable machine with the big rollers, the vacuum cylinder and pum..

Rotoflex VLI-400

Rotoflex VLI-400, 1994 Slitter, With Nikka Inspection System, Rewinder, 20" Rewind Diameter, Wi..

Rotoflex VSI 250

10”, year: early 90’s, 3 knife slitting, high/low torque for 3" & 1" core holders..

Rotoflex VSI 250

10" Rotoflex VSI, Refurbished motor, only 3 hours on it, Year 2001, Crush and shear slitting, Edge g..

Rotoflex VSI 250

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Rotoflex VSI 330

2002 Rotoflex VSI 330 13" Slitter/Rewinder        Electric Edge ..