We are HC Miller Press

We are working very hard at HC Miller Press to serve the needs of the Flexographic Printing Industry. Whether you are looking for Parts or Equipment, we can help. If we can't we will point you in the right direction. Our commitment is to our Customers and their business requirements. We consider all customers a true business venture partner, please take a moment to look this over and call us if you have any questions.

Our Purpose: We Will make a difference...Everyday!

Almost every company has a mission statement. At HC Miller Press we choose to have A Purpose'. It's rather simple really, rather than some flowery management team creation that covers the nail holes from past mission statements that no one understood, we come to work everyday with a singular purpose...'make a difference'.

There is nothing confusing or catchy about this. Everyone at HC Miller Press understands that this is expected of us... 'Everyday'. It is also a purpose that has a goal that we can all achieve...everyday.

'Making a Difference' is a s simple as providing a value to you that separates us from every other source for used equipment sales and purchases. Whether that difference is in finding the best sale price for your equipment, finding the best value in equipment that you are looking to purchase, or simply utilizing our staff in a consulting capacity, we are confident we can help.

After you talk to other company's with fancy 'mission statements'–why not call HC Miller Press–we're not fancy writers–we just know how 'to make a difference...everyday'.

Customer Testimonials
"The press was awesome. Best press I have seen in a while. Better condition than I expected and had several extras I was not expecting. I was worried since the price was higher but I am satisfied. I felt really bad having our maintenance guys take off all the printing equipment since it was in such good condition. Kind of like taking a classic Camaro in original condition and making a full blown hot rod."
- Jeff in Kentucky
“Whether you talk to someone who has bought from them; sold equipment through them; or even their competitors – no one has ever said anything bad about them. I don’t think there is another company like them to be honest.”
- Chris Merlic from Label Solutions
"If I don’t know something, I call H.C.M. Press. I will have the phone in my ear and tools in hand and it is as if they were right here ... virtually ‘hands-on’ the problem."
- Mike B., Michigan
"I received your Fall 2013 advertisement today. In this day and age when we are supposed to look at everything on a web site it is refreshing to receive a very nicely printed piece, thank you. I know these are expensive to have produced and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Very well done"
- Mark Ratliff